Wire Rope Car Lift

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High Speed Wire Rope Car Lift

Unlimited Travel Distance – Max Speed 1 m/s
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The Hercules High Speed Wire Rope Lift is a leading design for multi-passenger, fast, safe, and comfortable vertical travel. This lift is most suitable for tall buildings with long travels distances or buildings which require fast operational times. This lift has no restriction on travel distance and can be designed to any distance required.

The High Speed Wire Rope Lift features a traction drive system which reduces vibrations. This allows for high speed travel at one metre per second with minimal noise and movement, thereby maximising the comfort and experience for the user. The unique drive system is designed to fit within the lift shaft. It does not require an overhead motor room, thereby minimising space for compact designs. The lift is also equipped with a counterweight which reduces power usage, increasing the efficiency of the lift and saving on power costs.

The High Speed Wire Rope Lift is a fully enclosed cabin including doors, walls and roof with optional modern and luxury lift designs. With a single press of the button the lift will automatically travel to the desired level. The lift is designed to Australian Standards and is fitted with all mandatory safety equipment.

The steel structure can also be fully galvanised to protect the lift against harsh environments such as salty water or other contamination which may affect the structure. The galvanisation also reduces future maintenance requirements.

We also offer a wide variety of finishes to the vehicle lift. For example, the platform, doors, walls and roof can be tiled or decorated. Customisation is welcomed and we will design to any requirement or limitation you may have.