General Questions

If you have any questions or technical enquiries not addressed below, please feel free to get in touch.

Who else provides these types of carstackers?

… as if we are going to tell you that…

Are you an Australian company?

How much does a carparking system cost?

Please contact us for a quick price, specific to your carparking requirements and please keep in mind that for larger machines we can offer better rates as you will get better efficiencies with packing and shipping. We can sometimes offer the same style of machine but manufactured by different suppliers globally, with different levels of quality, so we can always find an affordable solution for every budget.

Where can I see a machine working?

Can someone come and visit my site?

Where are your carstackers made?

Hercules supply bespoke solutions to each customer, so depending on your requirements our machines can be sourced from Italy, China, Korea, USA,  Taiwan, India, Germany or manufactured locally.

What are your standard and/or minimum dimensions?

We can generally adapt our equipment to your site dimensions, but Hercules will always provide guidance using our decades of experience in this space to recommend what minimum sizes will be required and those dimensions which become impractical for everyday use. This is often dependent upon swept paths and column placement in buildings, however we can often propose different solutions to overcome most obstacles.

If I have a certain ceiling height, how tall can the vehicle be?

What power requirements do the carstackers have?

How much noise does the equipment generate when in operation?

Do you excavate and prepare the pit as well for my car stacker?

Do I need council permission?

How many cars can I fit in this space?

Can your turntables be installed on a sloping driveway? What is the maximum slope?

Servicing Questions

If you have any questions or technical enquiries not addressed below, please feel free to get in touch.

The car parking system is not working. What should I do?

Before you give us a call, you might want to check a few basic issues. Check that the emergency stop button hasn’t been pressed, if it has please twist the button to release and try using the system again. Or check that the command given on the control panel is correct, clear the system and try using the system again. Also check that your car is not over parked, meaning parked too far forward, or too far back. If your car is in between the sensors the machine won’t work. If these are not the issue, please call us 1800 649 603 and we will come and help.

How long will it take to attend the call out?

How long it will take our technicians to reach you depends on a few things, if your strata has a service & maintenance agreement in place with us, we try and aim to have someone out there immediately, depending on the time of day, and depending on your location this can take 2-4 hours.

Do you service machines and turntables installed by someone else?

We can. If you have a carparking system, car lift or turntable installed by the likes of Wohr, Klaus, Levanta or any of the other suppliers out there, we can certainly help with a Service & Maintenance Contract. Give our office a call to discuss your options.

How do I use my car stacker?

We provide all residents with the option to get an induction, an induction means that we come by to give you a quick walk through how the machine works and show you how to properly use the carparking system. Give us a call in order to arrange an induction at your location.

How often do the machines breakdown?

Car stackers are a machine like any other and as such need preventative maintenance and service. On the proviso that the machines are well maintained, you will get many years of operation without hassle.

Basic Trouble Shooting

If you have any questions or technical enquiries not addressed below, please feel free to get in touch.

Dependent Stacker Trouble Shooting

Issue Reason Solution
No Power Power Switch Tripped Switch the Machine On
Key Switch is turned to OFF Turn key switch to ON and the power light will turn on
Lights are not working Power light and warning lights are not turning on Replace the lights
Switch Failure Control box switch fails Change the switch
Limit switch fails Repair or change the limit switch
Platform will not stop in correct position Limit switch set to an incorrect setting Adjust the limit switch settings
Platform is blocked Clear the blockage
Platform not locked in correct position Limit switch displaced Adjust the position of the limit switch
Limit switch fails Repair and change limit switch

Turntable Trouble Shooting

Issue Reason Solution
Remote is not responding Low Battery Change the battery
Something blocking the signal Remove the item blocking the signal
Out of Range Come closer to the control panel
Clock the DK, there is no response on the inverter Power cable is not connected or has a wrong connection Check the power cable and its connection
Inverter displays however the

turntable does not respond

Inverter Fault Check wiring diagram to bypass
Turntable still moves forward slightly after the turntable is finished revolving The distance of the drive gear

and the pins is too far

Adjust the distance between the drive gear and the pins
There is shaking during the

turntable revolving

Support wheels or main drive

device is not placed firmly

Use concrete anchors on the base plates of the support wheels and the main drive base plate
Something is stopping the turntable during the revolving There is an obstacle Remove the obstacle
Top surface is shaking during the turntable revolving Bolts on top surface are not fastened Tighten the bolts on top surface
Noise is coming from the turntable wheels Bearing is damaged Change the bearing
Motor drive has abnormal operation, noise, severe vibration Oil level is low Check oil level, replenish lubricant
Impurities in the lubricating oil Clean the transmission reducer, replace the oil
Increased bearing clearance or

bearing failure

Check bearing
Fastening bolts are loose Tighten all bolts and nuts
Leakage from cabinet or motor The rubber strip on the vent

valve does not pull out, resulting

in too much pressure within the

gear motor

Pull out the rubber strip
Vent hole in the breather valve is


Clean vent hole
Seal or seal cover failure Replace Seal or seal cover
Sealing surface bolts are loose Tighten all bolts and nuts
Drive shaft wear Replace reducer
Leakage from breather valve Oil level error Check & adjust vent valve & oil level
Contaminated oil Replace with new oil
Motor and reducer overheating Oil level error Check and adjust oil level
Lubricant failure Replace new lubricant
Dusty motor drive surface Clean motor drive surface