Hercules has spent many years developing solid relationships with more than ten high quality manufacturers around the world, based in Europe, Asia and the USA.

As a result, the technologies we can provide are ground-breaking, highly innovative and in many cases beyond what our competitors are able to accomplish as sole manufacturers.

Behind every car stacker system are the system components. Our suppliers are committed to the development and manufacture of high-performance components, concentrating on those relevant to machine function and safety. We understand that efficient and sustainable technologies are critical.

Traction Lift
High Speed Traction Lift

This technology provides smooth and fast vertical transportation of the vehicle.

The wire rope traction mechanism with a counter-weight reduces the amount of energy required – similar to passenger lifts in a building.

Technology lasers
2D laser scanner technology

The 2D laser scanner provides the highest possible level of vehicle detection – another hi-tech safety feature for the automated parking system process. E.g. if the vehicle has a tow bar, or if an object is hanging out the vehicle window as it enters the entry room, it is quickly detected. Normal lasers and photo-cells which work on a single line point to point will only detect obstructions directly blocking the single beam.

Chain Technology
Chain Driven Technology

This technology allows 2 levels below ground and one or two above. This electro-mechanical system uses an electric motor and lifting chains instead of hydraulics. There is a lifting motor for each platform ensuring redundancy in the system. Many of our competitors’ systems are reliant on a cheaper method of lifting by using one hydraulic pump for the entire system, so if this pump fails the entire machine comes to a grinding halt. A car stacker system with 2 levels below ground allows more cars overall – in fact 25% more cars in a very compact space.

Hydraulic Multiplying Pulley System

This Hydraulic Multiplying Pulley System allows cars to be stacked up to 16 levels above ground and two levels below ground and for the cars to be lifted and lowered at extremely high speeds. The vertical travel speed now increases to 28 meters a minute – which is up to 14 times faster than our competitors. * With our Expanderpark range – we can offer up to 3 rows deep and an unlimited amount of car bays wide. All 3 rows can have a pit. 16 levels high and two levels below ground is possible with our Expanderpark technology.

Serapid Chains
Serapid Lifting Chains

The Serapid lifting chains push the car lift from underneath, which is advantageous where there is insufficient room above the lift for installation of traditional drive systems, wire ropes, pulleys or chains. So the very important benefit is there does need to be any overrun above the lift meaning you don’t lose any floor space above the lift. Using the Serapid system also means the lift shaft can be narrower as there is no need to have any mechanism on the side of the lift shaft as with conventional lifts. It also means The Serapid System is ideal for pits with limited depth. The chain is curled and enclosed in a case which lifts the platforms – an ingenious alternative to hydraulic lifting.

Turntable Motor
Pin Gear Drive Mechanism

Unlike regular turntables which rely on a cheaper drive wheel system whereby the drive wheel pushes on an inner frame to rotate the table – the Hercules turntable system uses a pin-drive positive engagement system which lasts much longer. The Pin Gear Drive Mechanism provides a smooth, reliable turntable operation with minimal wear and tear. It is also much quieter than the noisy friction drive [i.e. drive wheel system] option which requires considerably more maintenance than the Pin Drive option we provide.

Palletless parking clamp
Pallet-less system technology

Many automated parking solutions feature pallets which the car is parked on before being transported around the system. These pallet systems are also more energy intensive requiring more electricity to lug both a car and a heavy steel plate around as well. Using a direct car picker system without these pallets means the cycle times of operation are dramatically increased. Shuffling empty pallets around the system is no longer required. Cars are gently picked and are placed directly into an allocated space with maximum efficiency and speed. This rapid speed can be essential to reduce queuing times often mandated by councils.

Shifting Drive-over Platform Technology

This technology is essential when grouping our Expanderpark machines two and three rows deep. It enables all machines to have a pit either one level or two below ground and still have the rear machines remain accessible – something our competitors cannot do. The shifting drive-over platform automatically orients itself to present a flat driveway in alignment with the chosen parking platform in the rear Expanderpark(s). Simply drive through and park – easy!

Robot Technology
Robot Parking Technology

AGV (automated guided vehicle) robotic parking is the latest breakthrough in mechanical carparking solutions. AGV’s are omni directional robots which can move and turn vehicles in the tightest of spaces. Parking cars with precision nose to tail and mirror to mirror achieves great parking densities. They are quick, compact, efficient, space saving and yet column friendly. AGV’s also enable buildings to be future proofed, as there are no structural changes made to the building and a reduction in future parking needs means that these areas may be transformed into more commercial, retail or residential tenancies at a later stage without difficulty.

Charging cars
Electric Vehicle Charging

All parking systems can be provided with the option for Electric Vehicle Charging. The user enters the parking system with their vehicle where they will find a charging plug mounted on the platform. They then plug this into the electric vehicle and continue the parking procedure. Depending on the system, the vehicle will then be taken to a dedicated charging bay where the platform will dock into the charge unit and charge the vehicle.

Sussex Car Stacker Mechanics
Powered Beds & Compact Roller Drive Systems

An ingenious system whereby the entire floor area can be utilised to park vehicles. No aisles are necessary or needed, allowing for a very compact yet affordable automated parking system. The parking platforms are all automatically driven around a rotation path, on powered roller beds to shuffle the selected vehicle to the entry/exit bay. Parking platforms can be shifted sideways, forwards and backwards, utilising a gear rack and cam to lift platforms for a change in direction. When combined with a car-lift, these horizontal puzzle parks can operate over many floors.