Bespoke Design

Specialising in customised solutions for every conceivable parking requirement, using products sourced from around the world, our customers are not restricted to a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Extensive amounts of time and effort is spent by our designers, engineers and manufacturers refining your system, both in design and functionality. Each parking configuration is studied and investigated in the greatest detail to achieve the most cost effective, user friendly system possible with optimal parking.

Hercules has the ability to draw on over 50 different designs in order to achieve the ultimate carparking system for any particular site, given a range of constraints. We are able to coordinate the design with the existing or proposed structure, rather than the standard car stacker mentality of asking for the building to be changed to fit the machine.

As engineers, we can sit down with your consultants to design your stacker in keeping with your needs, rather than taking notes and sending them overseas – which may or may not be interpreted correctly.

All our designs are completed in Australia, so no language issues. Any engineering or architectural question you throw at us, we can answer on the spot.

How many times has something in a building design gone wrong or a building element which was unforeseen reared its ugly head? We have experienced this situation again and again and have been able to overcome this obstacle through a design change on every occasion.

Bespoke drawings Hercules
Builders architecture

Project Management

Hercules understands the importance of professional project management on every job, no matter the size or scope.

Our experienced and congenial project managers are qualified engineers, highly skilled in the practice of planning, organising, optimising scope and managing project resources to meet the contract requirements, on time and on budget.

They apply knowledge, skills, tools and techniques, working harmoniously with your team to organise and manage the effort required to accomplish a successful project. Essential qualities such as leadership, communication and adaptability enable Hercules PMs to manage not only the projects but also their teams, working in partnership with our customers to achieve the desired outcome for all stake-holders.

We have countless examples and referrals where a building mistake has been made that would cost hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars to rectify, unless we can make a change to the carparking equipment.

On every occasion we have managed to alter the machine, maintaining the car count. Hercules project managers work at all levels to ensure a smooth installation on every site.

Customer Service

We are told we say yes more often than our competitors do…

No matter what step of the process, from design to installation, to servicing and maintenance agreements, you will always reach a friendly voice on the end of the phone to assist you.

Our sales team are fully qualified with years of experience in the field, demonstrating flexibility and enthusiasm. We say ‘YES’ more often.

Functionality, safety, reliability, efficient and sustainable technologies, cost-effectiveness – we deliver all these critical components to our customers in a professional and personable manner. Our management, engineers, designers, project managers and administrators are available to liaise with you on your project at your convenience. Our team is vastly knowledgeable, friendly, professional and thorough.

Builder in Car Stacker
Rollers Technology


Servicing of your car stacker, car lift or turntable is essential, as it is for your vehicle or any other machinery or equipment.

Find out more about our Services & Maintenance, Safety & Reliability, 24/7 Service, User Inductions.

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Call us to discuss your project, we would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. We have found that many of the same questions arise in conversations with our customers.

To make it easier we have compiled a list of responses to the most common questions we are asked – all in one location, our FAQ page.

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