Service & Maintenance

Servicing of your car stacker, car lift or turntable is essential, as it is for your vehicle or any other machinery or equipment.

We offer service and maintenance agreements to keep your equipment operating at optimal level. We work hard to ensure the machinery looks in top condition for years after the installation.

We offer annual, bi-annual or quarterly service contracts depending on the equipment. Most importantly, our highly trained, experienced and friendly technicians will service and maintain your carparking system to ensure the highest possible level of functionality, with safety our utmost priority.


24/7 service

Our service technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to resolve any issues you may have with your car stacker, car lift or turntable. Sometimes the problem can be resolved in minutes with a phone call – if not, a qualified technician will attend the site promptly.

Lifting Technology

Safety & Reliability

We understand the Australian Standards and Building codes: ASNZ5124 and AS3000. We work closely with our affiliates to ensure 100% compliance with safe design and installation carparking systems standards.

Our commitment to safety is our number one priority. Our technicians perform regular and thorough safety and maintenance checks of the equipment.

In addition to the scheduled maintenance and servicing, in the event a problem does arise with your stacker, our technician will provide timely assistance, demonstrating patience and professionalism, until the issue has been resolved. With a friendly attitude and attention to detail, your equipment will be restored to optimal functionality.

User inductions and training

As a user of our carparking systems it is vitally important that you are confident operating the machine, as well as being aware of safety considerations. Different systems accommodate different vehicle sizes, so we need to check the dimensions of your vehicle before you attempt to access the car space.

Inductions and training for new users is essential. Our technician will ensure you are fully conversant with the system and safety parameters.
Appointments take 15-30 minutes and induction fees may apply…

Book an Induction
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Induction Car Stacker

FAQ Servicing

Call us to discuss your project, we would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. We have found that many of the same questions arise in conversations with our customers.

To make it easier we have compiled a list of responses to the most common questions we are asked – all in one location, our FAQ page.

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