4 Column Car Hoist

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Four Column High Rise Car Hoist

Max Travel Distance 25 metres
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The Hercules Four Column Vehicle Hoist was born to provide the market with a self-supporting platform ensuring perfect stability and easy installation. This hydraulic driven platform is designed to safely transport vehicles vertically and comfortably to and from levels. This Hoist is most suitable for travelling between 4-8 levels with a maximum travel distance of 25 metres.

The Four Column Vehicle Hoist features four lateral lifting columns fitted with hydraulic lifting cylinders for rise and descent. Loads are equally distributed on each column by a revolutionary equalising system for smooth and quiet operation. The design provides a Low-Profile Hoist which is ideal for reducing excavation, only requiring a 250 mm deep pit. It is perfect for designing extremely wide platforms up to 8 metres.

The Four Column Vehicle Hoist with its superb stability and generous dimensional capabilities is a pathway to further designing fully enclosed cabins for modern and luxury lift designs. Depending on requirements, this a path to be explored for modern and luxury projects.

Every level at which the Hoist stops is equipped with mechanical locks. Before coming to a stop the locks will engage, taking the pressure off the hydraulics and securing the platform to the structure. This ensures a stable and safe platform when driving into and out of the lift. The Hoist is designed to Australian Standards and is suitable for any application, such as a private home, residential apartment or commercial use.

For outdoor use, the lift can be equipped with a roof cover to fill the shaft opening at street level. The platform is well concealed below the ground, sitting flush at the level not to be seen. This is an ideal product for property owners looking for a safe and affordable parking place. In instances where the heights of the floors are not equal, the roof can be designed to separate from the lift allowing the lift to travel further to its level.

The steel structure can also be fully galvanised to protect the lift against harsh environments such as salty water or other contamination which may affect the structure. The galvanisation also reduces future maintenance requirements.

We also offer a wide variety of finishes to the vehicle hoist. For example, the platform or roof can be tiled or decorated to match the surrounding floor finish, making a flush and unnoticeable hoist. Customisation is welcomed and we will design to any requirement or limitation you may have. For example, this hoist can be fitted with an inbuilt turntable, allowing for multiple angled entry and exit points and eliminating reversing.