Who we are

For the past fifteen years, Hercules Carparking Systems has been providing space-efficient vehicle storage for both residential and commercial applications. We design, import, install and service Dependent and Independent systems as well as Car Lifts and Turntables. Uniquely an Australian owned and based car parking company, we are fully committed to the Australian market.

Specialising in customised solutions for every conceivable parking requirement, using products sourced from around the world, our customers are not restricted to a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Our management team of fully qualified engineers based here in Australia can attend meetings at your convenience and design a carparking solution to meet your unique requirements. Hercules understands the importance of professional project management on every job, no matter the size or scope. We have often been told we say ‘Yes’ more often than our opposition do, We focus on functionality, safety, reliability, efficient and sustainable technologies and cost-effectiveness.

Our management, engineers, designers, project managers and administrators are available 24/7 to liaise with you on your project. We are very proud of our knowledgeable, friendly and professional team of experts.

Be assured that Hercules is involved in every step of the process, from design to installation, to servicing and maintenance agreements.

Hercules Team Photo
Old Terry Hercules Photo

Our Director Terry Smith founded Hercules Complete Lifting Solutions in 1997 which continues to maintain its position as Australia’s leader in the field of safe lifting practices.

In 2004, Terry recognized a growing demand for maximization of car parking spaces, both residentially and commercially.  He formed Hercules Carparking Systems 2004, specializing in bespoke design for every conceivable parking requirement.

Europe, USA and Asia have been installing mechanical carparking systems for decades, due to the limited parking space available in so many countries. Our great southern land is increasingly faced with the same dilemma.

Starting with residential double stackers at the outset, Hercules has expanded its product portfolio to meet customer demand. Our multiple installations of fully automated state-of-the-art systems Australia-wide using ground-breaking, highly innovative technologies is helping to shape the future of mechanical carparking systems.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and now Brisbane, our business is growing year by year as Australians recognise the advantages of mechanical carparking technology.