Greg Bachmayer

Development Manager, Gilderthorpe Project

“We spoke to a number of people in the industry and other who have worked with the various car lift providers and Hercules got a very good reputation, strong track record in reliability that we found gave us confidence. When talking with the Hercules team we got a degree of confidence, a high level of communication and an understanding of the product and the needs of our project. We felt confident that, based on the combination of track record, understanding and the team that we were dealing with that Hercules were the right people to work with.

The delivered product was exactly as they promised and we've been very lucky to have the team help us through a number of other projects, so we were able to get a good idea of what to expect. Knowing that there is a set local team that can deal with any servicing issues that may come up in future, knowing that should something ever happen that there is a team on hand ready to help us.

The Hercules team (Phil, Nick and Robert) have all been great. The guys on site have been easy to work with. There is a great level of communication, people are responsive, the shop drawings, every step of the way has been very clear and concise. Hercules are great value for money, the reliability and the service that we received will definitely be front of mind, it's not just the product itself on delivery but knowing it's going to have the reliability for the years of its lifespan is a big consideration for us - that's why we will definitely be looking to working with Hercules again.

I'd like to thank Phil and his team at Hercules, they have been fantastic to deal with. Taking calls at all hours, and this consistency in service throughout. They have been a pleasure, looking forward to seeing the happy residents using the car lift and looking forward to working with Phil and the team on other future projects as well."