Triple Stacker (Below Ground)

The Below Ground Triple Stacker, also known as a’ Pit Type Triple Stacker’, allows you to retrieve any car without having to remove another car.

Up to three levels can be accommodated below ground, hence the description ‘Pit Type Triple Stacker’.

The Triple Stacker has either:

All cars below ground


One car on ground level and the rest below ground.

Should all cars be below ground, the top level can function as either

  • A driveway to allow cars to pass over the top of the cars parked below
  • A landscaped area
  • Tandem Triple Stackers are also an option – perfect for long, narrow
    spaces to maximize all available space

Should one car be stored on the ground level and two cars below ground, you may wish to build a carport on the ground level which temporarily rises with the top car if you wish to access either of the cars below.
Once the lower car has been parked or retrieved the stacker then returns the top car and the carport to ground level.



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Triple Stacker (Below Ground)

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