Unlike regular turntables which rely on a drive wheel pushing on an inner frame to rotate the table – the Hercules turntable system uses a pin-drive which lasts much longer. The Pin Gear Drive Mechanism provides a smooth, reliable turntable operation with minimal wear and tear.  It is also much quieter than the noisy friction drive option which requires considerably more maintenance than the Pin Drive option we provide.

Pin-Gear Drive is a special form of fixed axle gear transmission. The large wheel with cylindrical pin teeth is called pin wheel. It can be divided into outer gearing pin gear transmission, inner gearing pin gear transmission and the rack gearing pin gear transmission.

As the drive wheel is a rounded gear it engages smoothly and quietly, in a simple design, low cost and quick and easy overhauls compared to general friction drives. Suitable for high duty cycles, heavy duty applications, harsh environments from water to dust and minimal lubrication requirements.

Advantages of the Pin-Gear drive system:

  1. Elimination of friction wheel slip.
  2. Elimination of periodic friction wheel spring adjustments. Spring fade over time.
  3. Ability to maintain precision rotation/angular accuracy and tracking. This is particularly important with antenna testing turntables and in other uses where backlash reduction or elimination is critical.
  4. Fewer moving parts to maintain.