Chalmers House

Sussex Street in the Sydney Central Business District NSW

Completion Date: August 2019


Tony Owen Partners


Duffy Kennedy Constructions

Property Developers

KAZCON Kaz Constructions

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Horizontal Puzzle Park System

This fully automatic car parking system has been designed and installed by Hercules Carparking Systems to efficiently park 20 cars in the heart of Sydney’s Central Business District within a small block measuring only 384 m^2.

The puzzle park system drives cars forward, back and side to side over two independent levels in order to transport the cars to a central lift for delivery to an entry room. The drive through entry room means users drive in and drive out, no need for a turntable no need for reversing.


Parking: 20 Car spaces
Vehicle Length: 5,200 mm
Vehicle Width: 2,150  mm
Vehicle Height: 1,500-2,200  mm
Vehicle Weight: 2,500 kg