Private property.

The Hercules Two Column Vehicle Hoist is a hydraulic driven platform designed to safely transport vehicles vertically and comfortably to and from levels. This Hoist is most suitable for travelling between 3-4 levels with a maximum travel distance of 12 metres.

Levels: 2 levels
7 Car spaces

Completion Date: October 2020

Two Column High Rise Car Hoist

The Two Column Vehicle Hoist features two lateral lifting columns fitted with hydraulic lifting cylinders for rise and descent. Columns are anchored to a single load bearing wall and the platform is cantilevered off the single load bearing structure. This design provides a Low-Profile Hoist which is ideal for reducing excavation and only requires a 250 mm deep pit. The Hoist is designed to Australian Standards and is suitable for any application, such as a private home, residential apartment or commercial use.

Every level at which the Hoist stops is equipped with mechanical locks. Before coming to a stop the locks will engage, taking the pressure off the hydraulics and securing the platform to the structure. This ensures a stable and safe platform when driving into and out of the lift.