Hamilton Hill Health Centre

Hamilton Hill Health Centre is located in Hamilton Hill and is scoped to be a mixed use two-storey development. Zoned a DWS area.

The ground floor is to include a coffee shop, lobby and a chemist with the first floor to have a foyer, reception, office and administration, treatment room, nurses office, board room, staff room and 7 medical consulting rooms.

Completion Date: June 2020





Property Developers

Griffin Group

Expanderpark Systems

Hamilton Hill has a 0 + 3 Expanderpark system parking 22 cars. Commonly referred to as lift and slide car stackers because the parking platforms do simply that – they slide sideways to enable a top parking platform to lower down. This Expanderpark model consists of above ground parking platforms only which can be configured from 2 levels, up to 16 levels high and can accommodate SUV’s, sedans or a mixture of both.


Parking: 22 Car spaces
Vehicle Length: 5,400 mm
Vehicle Width: 2,400 mm
Vehicle Height: 1,650-2,000 mm