Barry Pde

Stylish and expansive Penthouses Offering residents an enviable lifestyle, equivalent to some of the world’s finest six-star hotels. Ground Level: Lobby Bar and retail amenity, Level 5: business club, private dining room, bar and lounge , Rooftop, curved skyline pool, two private spa areas with BBQ, bar, lounge and dining areas

FV No.1, a hotel-style lobby and concierge, eight swimming pools, moonlight cinema, a gym and yoga studio and private dining areas. 300 metres from the CBD, 50 metres from the train station and in the heart of the action, right in the heart of where you want to be.

Completion Date: April 2019


Elenberg Fraser


Icon Co

Property Developers


Ground Slider System

The GroundSlider provides independent parking of vehicles in rows behind each other. The parking platforms run on rails with one empty space per row to provide the manoeuvring area to reach the rear parking spaces.

The GroundSlider system automatically move vehicles into position required to park and retrieve vehicles parked in the second row. If the required vehicle is not accessible, the user operates the GroundSlider from the local control panel using a swipe card or the touch screen keypad.


Parking: 6 Car spaces
Vehicle Length: 5,000 mm
Vehicle Width: 2,100 mm
Vehicle Height: 2,000 mm