Smith St Mall

Situated in the Smith Street Mall, the Jepun apartments are like no other. Perfectly positioned, this the first and only residential complex within the Smith Street Mall. Jepun offers the best of Darwin life. The building is designed around a central atrium, allowing tropical breezes to naturally cool the apartments, and sunlight to pour in. While Jepun is on popular Smith Street Mall, it will also have its own retail space, providing extra convenience for residents. The resort-style pool is of course the ultimate Darwin amenity. A state-of-the-art car stacking system is another key feature.

Completion Date: December 2016


George Kapetas


GRD Constructions

Property Developers

Bermuda Glen

Shuttle Parking System

Hercules Carparking Systems designed and installed a fully Automated Shuttle System parking 93 cars, the system provides a luxurious parking experience. The main mechanism within this system is the shuttle, which once the vehicle has entered the system via the high-speed lift, it is then passed onto the shuttle that has the role of parking the vehicle. This system can have multiple levels with each level having its own shuttle for parking, all levels are independent of each other and allows the system to park or retrieving multiple vehicles at the same time. Parking spaces within the system have the option to be tandem, this saves space and can be designed to park up to 3 vehicles within a single tandem space.


Parking: 93 Car spaces
Vehicle Length: 5,200 mm
Vehicle Width: 2,200  mm
Vehicle Height: 2,150 mm