Banc Apartments

An immensely desirable location in the brand new ‘BANC’ development, this exquisite penthouse apartment block features state of the art finishes and glamorous interiors by renowned Sammut Developments.

Completion Date: June 2018


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Sammut Developments

Shuttle Parking System

Hercules Carparking Systems designed and installed a fully Automated Shuttle System parking 34 spaces over two levels and each level having its own shuttle for independent parking processes allowing the system to park and retrieve vehicles at the same time. Combined with a high-speed lift and built in turntable the system provides a luxurious parking experience.

Hercules – Project – Cronulla NSW

Today we are situated in our latest fully automated system at Cronulla. It provides 34 parking spaces for our client. It features a single entry and exit room, where the users drive their vehicle in, and have the luxury of already going up to their apartment as their vehicles are parked in the system for them. It features a high-speed wire rope traction lift, which is smooth, quiet and efficient. It travels down to the basement where it has two levels to select from to park the vehicle. It rotates the vehicle on the lift itself and allows the user not to have to reverse out onto the street. Thus they have the luxury of driving straight in and straight out. On each level there is a shuttle which then manoeuvres the vehicle in it’s parking spaces. That allows simultaneous parking, we can park two vehicles at the same time, as one is coming in – we can prepare an empty platform and send it out to the entry room. That way the next person coming in can park their vehicle in an efficient manner.

The client had a challenge to overcome, excavation. As the building is situated on hard rock, that meant a lengthy construction period, which also increases the cost. A plan of a conventional carpark means ramps and an inefficient design as the vehicles have to manoeuvre around. That’s where the decision of a fully automated system increased the amount of car spaces and decreased the amount of excavation. All the vehicles are parked side by side making it a perfect fit in the building, this enabled us to maximise the amount of car spaces while having the minimal amount of space required.


Parking: 34 Car spaces
Vehicle Length: 5,250 mm
Vehicle Width: 2,200 mm
Vehicle Height: 1,915 mm