Office Space

16 offices with comprehensive common areas, including light courts and terraces, portray a professional, corporate image to visitors. Onsite car parking is available: 16 carparking spaces (one with each office suite) with additional spaces available, commuting to your office has never been easier.

Completion Date: April 2019


Architeria Architects Doncaster


Liberty Builders

Property Developers

Ouson Group

Shuttle Parking System

Rutland Rd is a commercial premises with in excess of 16 tenancies. This is a fully automatic parking system using a central lift to raise cars into their parking position. The vehicle storage area is five levels high with the ability to store 2 cars side by side 2 cars front to rear.

It also has a dedicated entry and exit room which is accessed via a rear lane way.


Parking: 32 Car spaces
Vehicle Length: 5,200 mm
Vehicle Width: 2,200  mm
Vehicle Height: 1,600 mm