Located just metres from the crystal clear waters and pristine sands of North Kirra, escape is your new coastal home where you can escape every weekend or escape every day.

Completion Date: March 2019


Wallace Brice


Civic Construction Group

Property Developers

Pikos Group

Pacific Pde Bilinga in QLD

Expanderpark Systems

At the escape we installed 4 Expanderpark machines comprises of a total of 45 car spaces split into three Expanderpark -1+1 systems and one Expanderpark -2+2 system. This design represents a most economical and optimum system where a large number of cars can be stored but can retrieved in reasonably short time.


Parking: 45 Car spaces
Vehicle Length: 5,050 mm
Vehicle Width: 2,240 – 2,440 mm
Vehicle Height: 1,640 – 2,300 mm