Hercules Sydney Office

At Hercules Carparking Systems head quarters we use the carstackers we sell. Because the ratio of employees to car parking isn’t ideal, we decided to expand our carpark. We installed two simple dependent systems, one two post double stacker and one angle stacker as we lacked head height.

Parking: 4 Car spaces

Completion Date: August 2018





Property Developers


Two Post Double Stackers

The Hercules 2 Post Double Stacker is an Above Ground Stacker which allows two cars to be parked in one car space above ground. These systems can be installed inside or outside and can be installed quickly and, if required, dismantled and moved to a new location.

Angle Stacker

Hercules Dependent Systems are the simplest form of car stacker, where the car or cars on the ground level are removed in order to retrieve the upper cars.
The Hercules Angle Stacker Series is perfect when there is not enough height available to accommodate two cars in the one carpark space above ground.
Designed for low ceiling height.