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Shuttle Parking System

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The Shuttle Parking System provides an efficient, fully automated parking solution with a range of capabilities to adapt to any development requirements. This includes providing multiple entry/exit rooms, high speed lifts, independent parking levels and independent tandem parking spaces delivering an effective design.

The main mechanism within this system is the shuttle. Once the vehicle has entered the system via the high-speed lift, it is then passed onto the shuttle whose role it is to park the vehicle. This system can have multiple levels, with each level having its own shuttle for parking. All levels are independent of each other which allows the system to park or retrieve multiple vehicles at the same time. Parking spaces within the system have the option to be tandem, which saves space. It can be designed to park up to three vehicles within a single tandem space.

The range of options and capabilities which can be designed for the Shuttle System enable this fully automated solution to save critical space, while delivering a luxury parking experience. This adds significant value to any project.


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