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Angle Stacker

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The Hercules Angled Double Stacker is perfect when there is not enough height available to accommodate two cars in the one carpark space above ground and the best choice in a smaller commercial or residential development.

This Angle Car Parking System is designed for low ceiling height. The maximum lifting height is adjustable to fit for different ceiling heights. The first car is lifted and tilted and the second car is parked underneath.

The self-standing and self-support structure has a sleek design and strong, galvanised construction guarantee safety, durability and the utmost protection of both the cars and drivers/passengers.

This system only requires a vertical height equivalent to about 80% of the combined height of the two vehicles to be parked. It is the simplest form of car stacker, which requires the car on the ground level to be removed in order to park or retrieve the upper car (hence the description ‘dependent’ stacker)