A $20 million apartment project in the CBD includes plans for the first car-stacking system of its kind in Adelaide, which will “lift and slide” 34 vehicles.

A $20 million apartment project in the CBD has been given the green light by the Development Assessment Commission, including plans for the first car-stacking system of its kind in Adelaide.

The project, opposite the former bus depot on Franklin St, includes 30 apartments across 16 levels and a car-stacking cube for 34 cars.

The cube includes five “lift and slide” stackers — each four cars high and two cars deep — and will be installed behind the main tower by Sydney-based Hercules Carparking Systems.

Residents will be able to enter the code for their parking position into the machine’s control panel, which will then shuffle the cars sideways, up and down, depending on where the vehicle is located.

It will take up to a little less than two minutes to retrieve the car depending on its position in the cube.

Joint venture partner Jon Haynes said the system would become the first of its kind in Adelaide.

“The site is only around 15 metres wide so to build an undercroft car park you couldn’t get the turning circle that you need,” he said.

“You can drive your car on to a tray and then the machine posts it if you like — it’s four cars high and two cars deep and uses hydraulics to move the trays up and down.”

The 53-metre tower reaches the height limit for the site, and will include a mix of two and three-bedroom apartments ranging in price from $499,000 to close to $900,000 for one of two penthouses.

Mr Haynes expects construction to start within six months, and completion is expected 15 months later.

“We’ve already got at least ten registrations of interest and I think we’ll have ten to 14 sales in the next three weeks — we’re only looking to sell 20 and the balance will be retained,” he said.

“The big thing with this as opposed to most other apartments completed in Adelaide is that there’s only two apartments per floor.”

“The majority of the apartment projects in Adelaide are designed to be sold to the investor market which means they are getting smaller and smaller and there’s not a lot of supply of the owner-occupier product — our apartments have lots of room and huge balconies.”

The tower has been designed by Anthony Donato Architects and includes leaf-patterned screening which residents can slide.

“At night with the back light of the bedroom the whole look of the building will change every night — it’s called moving architecture and it’s inspired by projects in Dubai,” Mr Haynes said.

Giuseppe Tauriello