PUBLIC submissions on a new high-rise apartment block in Darwin will close on Friday. Architect George Kapetas wants to build a 10-storey development in the middle of Smith St Mall next to the Vic Hotel Building.

The $11 million block will have 82 car parking spaces in an underground carpark, he said.

The height has been reduced from 43m to 32m. Instead of a single 14-storey block it is now two 10-storey towers with a small mezzatine floor on the top level. The towers will be separated by a first floor landscaped space and pool. “It’s more convenient to build it now as there is space in the centre for the crane.” Mr Kapetas said.

The original 52 units made up of 16 one-bedroom and 36 two-bedroom apartments has been reduced to 40 two-bedders. “Each bedroom has a separate bathroom so two people can share.” he said. Prices for the apartments will start at $420,000.

The long narrow block that stretches 64m back to West Lane will have 300sq m of office space behind. Mr Kapetas said he hoped that the development would bring more people to the Mall. The developers – Mr Kapetas’s company Solak and Bermuda Glen – had hoped to begin work in February but had to amend their development plans.

The Development Consent Authority will consider the application on December 6. There are reportedly plan to build at least 1000 more apartments in the Darwin city centre. Mr Kapetas said he wasn’t worried about the potential for empty units once the Inpex construction phase was finished. “I hope not – then I will have to live in them all one by one.” he said