Triple Stacker

Simple Pit Type Triple Stacker

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Hercules Simple Pit Type Stackers are available in double or triple stackers. These are two post or four post parking lifts, and work by platforms moving upwards from the pit or downwards to the pit, this means every vehicle can be parked or retrieved conveniently without having to move the other cars.
Suitable for both commercial and residential parking purposes. There are many dimensions possible for different project requirements—so contact us with your requirements and we’ll make sure it fits. The structure should be placed in a pit with certain dimensions and reinforced by fixing posts to walls.

The Triple Stacker has either (a) all cars below ground or (b) one car on ground level and the rest below ground. Should all cars be below ground, the top level can function as either; a driveway to allow cars to pass over the top of the cars parked below, or as a landscaped area with all cars parked beneath it. The way it works is if the driver calls up a lower space the top platform (being a driveway or landscaped area) temporarily rises up so that the requested platform is level with the ground – the driver drives on/off as the case may be – then it returns to the ground level.

Should one car be stored on the ground level and two cars below ground, you may wish to build a carport on the ground level which temporarily rises with the top car if you wish to access either of the cars below. Once the lower car has been parked or retrieved the stacker then returns the top car and the carport to ground level.