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Expanderpark Ground Slider

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This is the simplest form of automatic parking and consists of a parking platform which will slide sideways over ground level on rails. Just drive onto the parking platform, park as per usual, and then swipe your RFID card and your vehicle will move sideways to reveal another useful carpark behind it.

Our Ground sliders make it possible to solve manoeuvring problems in tight spaces and like all of our Expanderpark products, they can be installed in rows banked two and three deep to make the most of available space.

If tight turning circles are an issue, then replacing the aisle with a man on board ground slider, means you can park on the platform and then be shuttled across to a parking space and drive off perfectly straight! Three point turns will become a thing of the past and the risk of vehicle damage caused by bumping into tight corners and grazing concrete columns will be avoided.


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