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Expanderpark -2 + (up to 16) System

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Expanderpark will multiply your parking spaces easily! When planning a new building design or undergoing a building renovation, the addition of a deeper pit will enable you to park two levels below ground and up to 16 levels above ground. Today’s parking is at a premium, so the ability to park more cars in a much higher density, means more valuable space can be used for additional residential apartments, commercial or retail space. Access to higher level cars, and below ground level cars happens automatically without the need to move any others – the Expanderpark does this for you! Each parking platform is allocated to a RFID swipe card and/or remote control fob. With a swipe of your access card, your parking platform and vehicle is automatically retrieved for you.

Commonly referred to as lift and slide car stackers because the parking platforms do simply that – they slide sideways to enable the top parking platforms to lower down, or the below ground level parking platforms to lift up. This Expanderpark model consists of two levels of parking platforms below ground (-2), and up to 16 levels of parking platforms above ground and can accommodate SUV’s, sedans or a mixture of both.

Expanderpark’s can be manufactured as many spaces wide as you need – the only limit is space. It is possible to install two or three Expanderpark machines back to back for the ultimate saving in space. You are able to have a pit in all machines when installed in tandem or three machines deep, due to Hercules innovative shifting drive over platforms. The shifting drive-over platform automatically orients itself to present a flat driveway in alignment with the chosen parking platform in the rear Expanderpark(s). Simply drive through and park – easy! They can be installed both indoors or outdoors without issue.


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