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Our Car Picker System is the latest new alternative to the old fashioned pallet system as it does away with using pallets.

What many people don’t realise, is that when a car stacker system uses pallets – they system has to lift an additional 700 kgs every time it lifts a car! This adds a significant amount to the monthly electricity bill. Also when a fully automated car stacker system uses pallets it has a pallet parked in every parking position, so it takes just as long to park or retrieve a car if there is one other car in the system, or if it is full of cars. In a car picker system there are no pallets, so it is way faster for the car picker to park cars as there are no empty pallets in the way.

Also there is a significant difference in the handling speed of a car picker system in the entry room. In a pallet system, if a car is on a pallet and has to be parked, the machine has to remove that car and pallet, and then go fetch another pallet for the next arriving driver to park on – which all takes time. In a car picker system [which has no pallets] the moment the first car is removed from the entry room a second car can drive in immediately behind it.

Also by using a car picker system the cars can be parked closer together than in a pallet system. The reason being in a pallet system the driver could park a little to the left or the right, and also park on a slight angle, so the cars have to be parked wider apart from each other to allow for a drivers inaccurate parking. In a car picker system – once the driver has left the entry room the machine automatically straightens and centres the car, and then it is parked. This greater level of accuracy given by the car picker system is why it can park more cars in a given space.

The Hercules Non-Pallet Parking System is an Automated Valet Carparking System. The difference is in the speed of retrieving and parking cars, talk to our experts at Hercules to find out which would work best for your project.


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