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The Box Cycle System is the most compact design requiring the least amount of area per parking space. This fully automated parking system stores and retrieves vehicles from a single transfer room. This compact design is achieved by rotating the vehicle between levels, meaning a traditional parking aisle to access parking bays becomes completely irrelevant. It is this feature which gives the Box Cycle System its outstanding small foot print.

Every vehicle is parked on a platform which is then used to manoeuvre the vehicles within the system. The platforms have a built-in, smart and compact locking mechanism which links each platform together. This allows the platforms to slide all as one, as they rotate between levels. As only one motor is designed to manoeuvre an entire level of parking, the result is minimal power and motor requirements, saving on costs and maintenance.

There is no limit to the levels above or below ground with this machine and no limit to the width, ensuring its suitability for any project. All Box Cycle systems are designed in house, can be customised to any dimension or any vehicle specification and many optional features such as turntables can be incorporated into the design.


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