Many carparks have tight access which prevents multi point turns to change the direction of the car.

The solution to this problem is to use a Turntable to rotate the car on its own axis.

Our domestic vehicle turntables range from 3 meters up to 9 meters in diameter.  The most common size for residential use is the 4.5 meter diameter turntable with a 3 tonne capacity.
 More than enough for even the biggest four-wheel drive.

The key feature of our turntables is the Pin-Gear Drive mechanism which ensures smooth, reliable operation with minimal wear and tear. (Many turntables in the market utilise a friction drive
mechanism which is subject to more wear and tear and therefore more maintenance issues. The friction drive is also noticeably noisier in its operation).

Our turntables are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and remote control operation is available if required.  The turntable deck can be modified to accept pavers so the turntable
blends in with the surrounding surface treatment.



Many garages lack the necessary space for turning a vehicle, which can cause the need to reverse into or out of the parking space. 

A turntable can provide the option of turning your vehicle on the spot, allowing you to leave the garage in forward gear.



Where there is only a very narrow driveway leading up to a garage, but the owner still requires a turntable, a Double Car Turntable is the answer.

This very popular option means you have a 6 metre turntable installed in a double garage.

The idea is the first car to arrive drives in and parks on the right hand side of the turntable. This car is then rotated 180 degrees so it is now facing the garage entrance and now appears on the left side of the turntable. The second car is now driven in and again parks on the right hand side of the turntable. So both cars are facing in opposite directions.



We offer truck turntables, or special large scale turntables which can rotate vehicles weighing up to 100 tons. The diameter of these turntables can be up to 30 metres.

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