Parking Tower

The Parking Tower is an automatically controlled parking system with vertical elevator and storage shelves arranged either side.

A standard tower is 51 m high with 26 levels and 50 car spaces.

This can be reduced should the location have height limitations.

This impressive steel structure can be built as a stand-alone or combined with other towers, or can be installed inside a building.



  • Low cost per park
  • Very fast parking and retrieval times
  • Only occupies a footprint of approximately 6 meters X 6 meters
  • Allows parking of up to 26 cars in one space
  • Parking and retrieval times can be configured to traffic engineers requirements
  • Can be either a very low cost per car with slow retrieval times [such as in the case of long term storage] or higher cost per car but with high speed access
  • Allows you to remove any car without having to depend on another car being removed.
  • Able to be incorporated into building management system including integration with alarm and fire systems
  • No limit to width of car parking system
  • Flexibility with height
  • Relatively quick to install.
  • Can be incorporated into existing car park or built as a standalone car park
  • All cars parked under cover
  • No damage to doors as adjacent parkers get out of their cars
  • Risk of burglary almost non-existent
  • Safety – not possible for children to run around the car park
  • Can be free parking or free 2 hours then charge, or total charge parking
  • Capital cost of parking space well below cost of a conventional concrete car park
  • Can be clad in a theme if desired



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