Car Lift

There are times when the site or the carpark design prevents a ramp reaching the parking level.

This is where the Car Lift can provide an efficient and cost-effective solution.

In the absence of ramps, the Car Lift can connect parking levels and the street.

Several variations of lift cabin are available to transport cars quickly and comfortably to and from the parking level or underground garage.

Car lifts can be installed as a single lift, or as a pair. They can start at ground level, and travel up or down or in both directions. They can also service a single floor, or multiple floors.

We have a range which can cover distances of just 2 meters through to more than 100 meters, as found in a multi storey apartment building where the car lift takes the driver and the car right to the apartment!

There is also a wide range depending on the operation speed of the lift.  For example, we have hydraulically powered car lifts which are relatively slow in their operation but are less expensive than the higher speed cable/electric motor lifts.

We also offer a wide variety of finishes to the actual lift car that the car is going to travel in. For example, you can have the lift car walls made completely from glass, or part glass and part solid material. We can also provide car lifts with tiled or decorative floors.

Another option is for the car lift to not have any structure at ground level. Ie all you see from the street is a concrete driveway, and the car lift is located below the drive and emerges by remote control with pop up/pop down safety barriers.

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